Hypnotized Volunteer Reveals Unexpected Realizations


I recently performed a show at a casino. The show was billed as a comedy hypnosis show. Our show typically is fun, and funny; but has become more motivational over the years. Mostly we accommodate whatever the vision or theme of the event planner.

Comedy and curiosity was the allure that brought people to this show; but soon it was realized that the audience responded well when I spoke of “insights into the mind.” Many have tried to take control of their minds, but no one has ever shown them how. Sprinkled within the comedy, and fun of the show, are secrets of the mind revealed in unsuspecting ways.

A 68-year old lady approached me after the show who was one of the volunteers. She came up to me with her husband and wanted to express her thoughts about her experience as a participant in the show. (Note that, when able: I always ask my volunteers how they feel afterwards to be sure that they are okay with the experience they just undertook. Sometimes a few minutes of debriefing is helpful to amplify the impact of the experience in a positive way.)

She said, “At first I came to this show thinking this was going to be a joke. Listening to what you had to say in the beginning, during your initial speech, inspired me to volunteer to be a part of the show.” (Note here: She indeed went under into a deep trance and was truly fun, and part of the show’s success.)

“I’m not sure what I did up there on stage, but let me tell you that this experience has changed my life.”  Her husband was next to her contesting her commentary with the nodding of his head.

“For 20-years I’ve been suffering because of something that happened to me, something personal within my family. For the first time in those 20-years, I now know a place in my mind that has given me the peace I’ve been always looking for; but never was aware of.”

It’s comments like this that reveal to me that I’m on the right path.

I always knew that hypnotizing volunteers on stage would be a great way to convey powerful concepts of the mind. And yet, the volunteers themselves are the ones that have the greatest experience of all. To experience first-hand, undeniably altered states of consciousness, that coexist within the mind; most of the time – for most people.

And while they are in that altered state of consciousness, they’re able to fully receive the powerful life enhancing suggestions given at the end of the show. Within my shows, trance is induced from a meditative perspective that creates perfect mind-objectivity and opens the door to the subconscious; to accept the good suggestions for perfect mind control.

This is where the inspiration to write my new book, Mind Tools…MEDITATION / HYPNOSIS…Change Your Thoughts…Change Your Life. Along with the Meditation CD we now have a book that enriches your meditation experience.

Hear the 68-year old volunteer tell you her unexpected experience herself in the below video testimonial:

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